Power Assist Suit

ATOUN MODEL A Discontinued


Alleviate burden on the waist with this assist suit.
*Discontinued and out of sales since June 2019

  • Light work

    Light work

  • Waist


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ATOUN MODEL A was developed to actualize a society where people with any level of physical capability can work comfortably.

Mechanism for Transmitting Force


The gears spin according to the user’s waist movements. Pulling the thighs and lifting the upper body from the back, burden on the waist is alleviated.

Automatic Detection of Human Movements


Switching action modes is unnecessary. MODEL A switches on its own by following the user’s movements.

Color Variations


Choose from multiple color combinations.

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Size H77×W48×D27cm
Stored Size H60×W45×D27cm
Weight 7.4㎏ (Including batteries)
Motor High torque AC motor exclusive for AWN-03B (2 units equipped)
Rechargeable Motor 48.1V Lithium-ion battery (With protective circuit)
Hours of Operation approx. 8 hours (For normal work)
Temperature for Use 0〜40℃
Suitable Physique Height: 155〜185cm / Weight: 50〜80kg

*Please Note: Product specifications and shapes are subject to change without notice.

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