To make a world
where humans can have more physical freedom
by wearing robots.


Robots become fashion.
Colors and shapes can be customized
to each wearer’s preferences.
We at ATOUN will keep making powered wear
that lets you be you.

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ATOUN is composed of ‘A’ (symbolizing ‘human’), ‘TO’ (meaning ‘and’ in Japanese), and ‘UN’ (symbolizing ‘robot’). This name embodies our philosophy based on the concept of “aun” — Harmony on a mental and physical level between two parties, in our case, humans and robots.



Two dots are positioned above ATOUN to represent ‘human’ and ‘robot’. This layout resembling a face symbolizes humans and robots being connected mentally and physically, working in harmony. Just like the two dots, paired statues embodying ‘A’ and ‘UN’ such as Kongo Rikishi guardians and komainu guardians in Japan are generally of symmetrical designs as well.



At ATOUN, human (A Side) and robot (Un Side) harmoniously and independently communicate information to the world. ‘A’ for ‘human’ with an opened mouth, and ‘(U)N’ for ‘robot’ with a closed mouth, just like the traditional paired guardian statues.